The Massachusetts Society for Respiratory Care
represents Respiratory Therapists by promoting, advocating, and educating the respiratory community.



Demonstrate the value of the respiratory therapist in providing respiratory care by supporting, conducting, and publishing research information. Research should compare the value of the respiratory therapist to others who may provide respiratory care services. Information generated should consider the needs of employers, legislators, regulators, other health professionals, and patients. Research efforts will, when appropriate and possible, be conducted in collaboration with other health care stakeholders.



Advocate at the federal and state level for health care policy that promotes access to appropriate, safe, and effective respiratory care for patients and the public. Develop and implement promotion/marketing of the respiratory therapist targeted to legislators, policy makers, and payers. Messages will emphasize the value of the respiratory therapist in controlling the utilization of services, creating cost savings, improving outcomes and patient safety, and increasing access to respiratory care as provided by a respiratory therapist.


Deliver top level education with respiratory therapists in mind. Our yearly conference that has been actively educating respiratory therapists, nurses, physicians, and other health care professionals for over 30 years. This conference is held annually in the fall. 

Join us in protecting our patients by amending H4067 (previously H2001).

The MSRC's Governmental Committee is looking for help by writing to your state representatives regarding H4067 (previously H2001). This bill if passed will allow healthcare workers like home health and hospice aides to administer inhaled medications. The MSRC is committed in protecting our patients, and this bill if passed will allow people who are potentially untrained or undertrained in administering medications that are already difficult to administer.