Established in 1978


Established in 1978, the Massachusetts Society for Respiratory Care (MSRC) is a charter organization of the American Association for Respiratory Care.

The MSRC is a non-profit corporation that was formed in 1978. The corporation is organized to sponsor and encourage, on a regional and statewide basis, educational programs for those persons interested in the field of respiratory care: to advance the science, technology, ethics and art of respiratory care through state, interstate and intrastate institutes, meetings, lectures, newsletters and other materials; and to facilitate cooperation between respiratory care personnel and the medical profession, hospitals, government agencies, service companies, industry and other agencies or organizations interested in respiratory care or pulmonary medicine.




Andrew Schwartz

Sharon Southwick

Michael W. Joy

Joe Higgins

Keith Hirst
Senior Delegate

Donna Sullivan
Junior Delegate

Miguel Divo
Medical Director


Directors at Large & Committee Chairs

Directors at Large
Carolyn Emerson
Bruce McNeil
Victoria Maxwell
Brenda Laurie
Pam Evans

Government Affairs/PACT
Winston Cook

Winston Cook

Keith Hirst

Public Relations
Andy Schwartz/Michael Joy

Budget & Audit
Andrew Schwartz

Brenda Laurie

Andy Schwartz

Andrew Schwartz

Student & Scholarships
Brendan Lillie

Disaster Preparedness
Scott Munroe

Program & Education
Michael Joy

Massachusetts Society for Respiratory Care
Past Presidents

From 1978 to today, the members of the Massachusetts Society for Respiratory Care elect a president to represent our Society. From 1978 to 2014, this was a single year role, and since 2015 it is a two-year role. Each President serves a two-years term as President-Elect, then President for two-years, and finally as Immediate Past President for two-years.


Current President

2019 - 2020 President Andrew Schwartz, RRT, CPFT

2019 - 2020
Andrew Schwartz, RRT, CPFT


1970's Presidents

1978 Julie Ely
1979 Paul Mathews

1980's Presidents

1980 William Goding
1981 Rebecca Brooks
1982 Charles Cosgrove
1983 Carol Erskine
1984 Bob Simmons
1985 Mary Briggs
1986 Mary McGrath
1987 Jackie Long-Goding
1988 Charles Fezzie
1989 Glenn Low


1990's Presidents

1990 - John Hopey
1991 - Richard Patterson
1992 - John Hopey
1993 - William McDonald
1994 - Christopher Hirsch
1995 - Scott Janssens
1996 - William McGarry
1997 - Cynthia Cookson
1998 - Madeleine MacCallum
1999 - Michael Jackson


2000's Presidents

2000 - Gina Farquharson
2001 - Claire Daly
2002 - Joseph Higgins
2003 - Valeri-Ann Bolduc
2004 - Joseph Curro
2005 - Stella Farquharson
2006 - Scott Munroe
2007 - Laura Lusky
2008 - Susan Murray
2009 - Martha DeSilva

2010's Presidents

2010 - Lauren Perlman
2011 - Daniel Fisher
2012 - Kevin Strong
2013 - Valeri-Ann Bolduc
2014 - Denise McGarry
2015-2016 - Denise McGarry
2017-2018 - Sharon Southwick
2019-2020 - Andrew Schwartz



Student Scholarship Awards

Massosoit Community College
Erin Louis, Katherine Gonsalves, Marissa Pires, Mary Morrison,

North Shore Community College
Falynn Cogswell (not pictured), Grace Kersker, Molly Easterday

Quinsigamond Community College
Megan Romero

University of Bridgeport
Craig Wheeler, MS, RRT-NPS

Emanuel Makros

Therapist of the Year Award

The Emanuel Makros Therapist of the Year Award is awarded by the MSRC Board of Directors to the Respiratory Care Practitioner of the Year. The Makros Award is given in memory of the late Emanuel Makros of Boston, who, although terminally ill, continued to work at his profession giving exemplary care to his patients and in general upholding the highest ideals of the profession of Respiratory Care. The Emanuel Makros Award has been given annually since 1975. Individuals nominated for this award are those who exemplify our profession and who:

  1. Are member of the Massachusetts Society for Respiratory Care (or AARC),

  2. Have at least two years experience in the field at any level beyond the student,

  3. Display exceptional skill, judgment and empathy in dealing with patients,

  4. Support the reputation and ideals of the field of Respiratory Care in a positive manner through example and interactions with the public,

  5. Who is an active member in the profession,

  6. Is involved in respiratory therapy activities within the community that allow for service to the community, e.g., active within the local Lung Association, American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, or other health-related organizations,

  7. Is involved in community activities that do not include the above health-related activities, e.g., Girl and Boy Scouts, Girl and Boys Club, YMCA/YWCA.

Because of the nature of the award, the recipient should have a blending of the above guidelines as part of his/her professional profile.


Michael “MJ” Joy, bs, rrt


1970's Awardees

1975 - Richard Enos
1976 - Andre Perlo
1977 - Charlie Fezzie
1978 - Cheryl Vitale
1979 - Information not available

1980's Awardees

1980 - Information not available
1981 - Joan Tourigney
1982 - Linda Nelson
1983 - William Goding
1984 - Tony Traino
1985 - Chuck Cosgrove
1986 - Mary Briggs
1987 - Robert Simmons
1988 - Julie Ely
1989 - Jackie Long Goding

1990's Awardees

1990 - Glen Low
1991 - John Thompson
1992 - Chris Hirsch
1993 - Elizabeth Brown
1994 - Lynn Sullivan
1995 - William McGarry
1996 - William McDonald
1997 - Gina Farquharson
1998 - Michael Jackson
1999 - Cindy Bowman


2000's Awardees

2000 - Madeleine MacCallum
2001 - Stella Farquharson
2002 - Peggy Robart
2003 - Brenda Laurie
2004 - Kevin Griffin
2005 - Valeri-Ann Bolduc
2006 - Armand Riendeau
2007 - Daniel Jones
2008 - Lauren Perlman
2009 - Laura Lusky

2010's Awardees

2010 - Justine McCauley
2011 - Kevin Strong
2012 - Denise Aveni
2013 - Denise McGarry
2014 - Winston Cook
2015 - Paul Nuccio
2016 - Charles O'Donnell
2017 - Stephen Hamilton
2018 - Michael Joy

Clarence E. Smith

Vendor of the Year Award

The Clarence E. Smith Award is presented to the outstanding sales representative by the MSRC Board of Directors in recognition of service to the respiratory care profession. The respiratory care profession has long recognized the support of our vendors. Vendor representatives serve on the Program and Education Committee. They provide in-service education to departments when new equipment is introduced to the clinical setting or when there is a new application of existing equipment. Equipment manufacturers, through the assistance of local representatives, provide equipment for respiratory therapists to use in research projects. When the educational programs in Massachusetts were in their start-up phase, Clarence E. Smith supported the labs by donating equipment and supplies. In recognition of his significant support, the former Holliston Junior College honored him by establishing the Clarence E. Smith Respiratory Therapy Laboratory. Clarence E. Smith exemplified the role of vendors in the multifaceted support of respiratory care by the manufacturing community. The Clarence E. Smith Award has been given annually since 1975 to recognize the memory of this individual who epitomized the symbiotic relationship between clinicians and vendors.


  1. Candidates may be nominated by any Active Member of the AARC/MSRC.
  2. Nominations must be accompanied by description supporting the nomination.
  3. The MSRC Board of Directors will evaluate each candidate and select the award recipient based on his/her service to the respiratory therapy profession.
  4. The award will be presented at the MSRC Annual Meeting.

CLARENCE E. Smith Awardee
Bill McGarry - Medtronic


2010's Awardees

2015 - Stella Farquharson
2016 - Nancy Willey
2017 - Bill McGarry