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Membership Classifications (in Bold)

Active Member

Print Level $102.50     1+1 Level $96.75*     Digital Level $91.00* (renewing members receive a $12.50 discount)

*Active Members are those practitioners actively involved in the respiratory care profession. An individual is eligible if he/she lives in the U.S. or its territories, and meets one of the following criteria: (1) is legally credentialed as a respiratory care professional if employed in a state that mandates such, OR (2) is a graduate of an accredited educational program in respiratory care, or (3) holds a credential issued by the NBRC. Voting privileges, full membership benefits, and the ability to hold office are extended to all Active Members.

Senior Member (new membership level for 2015)

Digital Only $25.00     Optional Print Publication $47.00

Available to individuals who are of age 65 and older. Ideal for active members getting ready to or are already retired. This membership level does not include transcript maintenance by AARC, and other CRCE activities are limited.

Senior Enduring Membership

* AARC is also offering an “enduring membership” for $200. Your membership will be valid for 20 years!
* This will be a digital-only membership, no magazines will be mailed to you and it is not available for this tier.
* You will be able to attend the AARC Congress at student rates
* Because this is designed as a membership for those who are primarily retired, CRCE privileges are limited.

Student Member

Print, 1+1, or Digital Level $50.00

Any respiratory care student enrolled in an AARC recognized or accredited educational program is eligible for Student Membership.

Web Level - Free**

**Students enrolled in accredited respiratory care education programs can receive free membership. These memberships are web-based, meaning that AARC Times and RESPIRATORY CARE journal are provided to students only through the members-only internet links.

A school is eligible to offer free memberships to its students if, and only if, all full-time, part-time, and clinical preceptors and instructors are members of the AARC.

Specialty Sections - you get access to AARConnect discussion lists, monthly e-newsletters, quarterly Section E-Bulletins. Open to all member types, fee is in addition to your base membership. No limit to how many specialty sections you select.

  • Adult Acute Care $15.00  
  • Continuing Care Rehabilitation $15.00
  • Diagnostics $15.00
  • Education $20.00
  • Home Care $15.00
  • Long-Term Care $15.00
  • Management $20.00
  • Neonatal-Pediatric $15.00
  • Sleep $15.00
  • Transport $15.00

Plus Membership - Add $35 to any membership level and become a Plus Member. You receive all the benefits of membership, plus one free Specialty Section. Additional benefits for Plus members include Early Bird convention registration and housing, advance notification and savings on other products, a free RC Week gift (if you are a Plus member on June 30 of that year), and an invitation to the President’s Reception at the AARC Congress.

Still not sure which membership is right for you? Contact AARC Customer Service at 972-243-2272, available 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Time, Monday through Friday.

*A processing fee of $12.50 is added to new memberships.